Oslo Fashion Week Day One

Preparing for late winter nights in the studio in London with this beautiful alpaca scarf from An act of style.

Top:Acne. Skirt:Second hand. Shoes:Converse. Denim jacket:Helmut Lang. All accessories: An act of style.

All Stars matched up with traces of a festival summer, a macramé bracelet around the foot.

First day of Oslo Fashion Week, and my good friend (and maid of honor) Marie came to visit. She found her favourites as you can tell by the pictures. Marie is on the MA Fashion course at Central Saint Martins in London. As she was flipping through my Vogue September Issue, she found an article about her professor, Louise Wilson. I have to admit that she looked very chic sitting there reading Vogue in her top by Acne, secon hand skirt, Converse shoes and Helmut Lang denim jacket. All accessories by An act of style of course.

A lot of customers has been visiting, today has really been a great start. Can’t wait for tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Oslo Fashion Week Day One

  1. Congrats with your first “real” day of business! Glad to here that every thing went smoothly.
    Marie looking fab as always!

    xx Marie

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