1. My two dogs are enjoying the sun on the balcony. Gizmo (the pomeranian) likes my papparazzi-moves, I think he has a secret dream of being a famous model/movie star.

2. I am trying something new. Usually I stick with Estée Lauder for face, but now I am giving The Body Shop a try.

3. L’Occitane. Best series ever: Verbena. The scent is lemon fresh, and the scrub is really great. The handsoap even comes in re-fill.

Digital inspiration:

3 thoughts on “WEEKEND MUSINGS: 3×3

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    • You are so very welcome.. Love your blog, so I don’t have any other choice but to share :) Have some wonderful last days of June. My birthday is tomorrow, and I am as excited as I were when I was a kid… Love birthdays :) Xoxo Juni

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