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Nå er det salg i nettbutikken, og i dag var dette en av bestillingene. Det er så gøy når folk kjøper favorittene mine! Elsker denne serien i bronse, håndlaget i Frankrike. Nå har jeg landet i sofaen etter en dag med pakking av bestillinger og pass av lille babygutten. Nyter følelsen av fredag og helg!

Now there is a huge sale in my webshop, and this is one of today’s orders. I love it when people buy my favourites! I simply adore these bronze pieces, hand made i France. Now I have found the couch after a long day of packing orders and watching my little baby boy. Enjoying the feeling of Friday and the weekend coming up.





This is where my head is at the moment. Everything was so much better back in the days. At least that’s what I like to believe when I look at these photos of Grace Kelley and a race in Monaco. The glamour and class, I am desperately trying to re-live it every day, but I’m not sure how well it’s going.



Fredags morgen. Du får det ikke bedre enn det! Kaffe og litt jobb på morgenkvisten mens lillemann har første nap. Gleder meg til helg  med kvalitetstid med familien og litt jobb. Neste uke starter pre-week på Moteforum, så da må showroomet være klart til butikker som kommer innom og kjøper smykker. Håper du får en fantastisk fredag og at du har spennende planer for helgen.

Friday morning. It does’nt get much better than this! Coffee and some work while the baby is having his first nap. Can’t wait for the weekend and to have some quality time with the family and a little bit work. Next week is Pre Week at the fashion Centre, wich means that the showroom needs to be ready for shops to some and buy accessories. I wish you a amazing Friday and hope you have some great plans for the weekend.



On the menu today we have some ravishing glass beaded earrings. They will make your appetite go from eggs benedict to bling in a second.



It seemes like it comes naturally for a lot of people nowadays. But dude, I can tell you I have a really hard time doing selfies. First of all, I look like a cow: I smile all fake, I squint my eyes looking in the lense, and I am never in focus. Like this motherfu**er. Nice outfit, huh?

How hard can it be, you’re thinking. Rolling your non squinting eyes, which by the way proably looks great in all the selfies you take every day. I just can not crack the code. I need serious help. Probably should visit some selfie-retreat with daily selfie training (and maybe a SPA and massages).

If you have any tips on how to take selfies (phone camera or regular), please share. I think you would se a lot more of me then, both here on the blog and on Instagram.



My summer vacation is over, but oh my do I have some great memories. Clothes drying in the sun. A great view over the ocean. And I have great pictures too, like this one. Now I can enjoy this moment as often as I like.



A sneak peek from my showroom. Now prepping it for the fair starting next week. I have some really great new styles for fall. We are all a little over the whole statement necklace thing, but these two puppies I could not resist. The multicoloured one got the name Royal, as it has an aristocratic look with all the jeweled colored stones. Comes with matching earrings. Not to be used together with the necklace for God’s sake. Unless the officer of fashion police is an extremely hot dude that you want to be candcuffed by.



(Image via Pinterest)

Vacation is over on my end. What a ravishing summer it has been with sun, family, friends, joy, laughter, great food and wine.. A part of me would like it to start all over again, but I am also happy to get back to work and the daily routines. It’s important to keep some of that vacation luxury in our everyday lives. I can assure you that I will.

Nex trip I have to look forward to is is October, a romantic weekend getaway with my housband. Can’t wait to blow the rooftops off Stockholm!






To my Norwegian readers:

Det er fremdeles en stund igjen av sommeren, og nå har vi startet salget i webshopen vår!

50-70% rabatt på en rekke utvalgte smykker og clutcher.

{ A L L T I D   F R I   F R A K T }